I went a few times to a school for orphan kids (Magazine Christian Mission Academy) in Chipata, Zambia to do some arts and crafts with the kids.  We would make bracelets from rope and also make birds / airplanes from empty toilette paper rolls.  The school is run by an Italian guy, Marco, that has basically dedicated his life to run this school, the school provides education to orphan kids without school fees.  To cover the school fees Marco raises funds from Italy.  This is the same school that we donated 12 chickens to 12 kids from this school.

If you would like to help cover some of the school fees, u can send the school money through me.  Just send me an email or a comment and we can figure out the details (I can’t give you a tax receipt since I don’t have an organization registered, but I’ll make sure the money reaches the school).

Here are pictures of some of the kids from the school while making bracelets:




The kids at the school taught me how to make birds / airplanes from empty toilette paper rolls, so I showed some local kids near were I volunteered how to do it too, here are some pics:




I joined a local recreational soccer team in Chipata, Zambia called Hope United.  They are from the Mchini compound (one of the poorest compounds in Chipata).  I had a good time playing with them, I am glad they let me play with them.  I think they also like having a “Muzingo” (white person) playing on their team too.  They are a very committed team they practice every day except Mondays, it’s also a good way for the youth to keep busy and stay away from “bad” things.  I was trying to get them a sponsor to cover some costs of the team, but I only managed to get them a few soccer balls from Protea Hotel in Chipata so they can practice with and I bought them team jerseys for games.

Here are some pics of the team:

  The team practicing hard


 I fractured my finger playing goalie, it is now permanently slightly bent because I didn’t get a splint right away for it.  Every time I went to the local hospital I kept being told to come back next week until it was too late (I should have just used Popsicle sticks, but I couldn’t find any Popsicles in Chipata)


I found these soccer shoes made from recycles tires and leather, I just thought they are interesting.

Recycled Toy Cars

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Since there is no recycling or garbage collection in Chipata, Zambia (most people just burns their garbage in their backyards), a couple of volunteers and I saw a video on youtube on how to make toy cars from recycled material and decided to make some with some kids from a church.

Link to the youtube video we watched: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S66P0bonAT8&feature=related

Here are some pics of our toy cars:

     Tools I bought in Chipata, they are cheap Chinese made tools that break very easily!

        the kids taking their new toys home

I found an arabic restaurant in Chipata, Zambia that is owned by 2 lebanese guys (I am told that they are the only 2 arabic people that live in Chipata and I’m number 3 now).  The food was great it really hit the spot, the owners were really nice and made me any dish I wanted, I got some lentil soup, fateh (made with chick peas), falefel, lahmeh bi-ajeen (meat pie), chicken/beef shawarma (but not all at the same time)!  So I thought I would get my co-workers at CDFA to try some arabic food, I got them fateh and falafel, they have never eaten it before, I don’t think they liked the fateh too much but they really liked the falafel.

I also decided to use the outdoor pizza oven that a past volunteer has built to make Lahme BiAjeen (Flat arabic meat pies).  I’ve never made them before, so I had to do some research, I found these websites helpful



I also had to mix my own “7 spice” since they don’t sell it here.  But first I had to fix the pizza oven, as a Papaya fell on it and broke it.  So I mixed some cement and finally fixed it, hopefully another Papaya doesn’t fall on it again.


Heating the pizza oven

Making Lahme BiAjeen (Flat arabic meat pies)


It was very tasty!!

Thanks to everyone that has sponsored a chicken.  The chickens have grown very big, everyone was amazed on how big they got.  As promised I have raised and given 15 chickens to various families in Chipata, Zambia that need some help.

Here are some pics of the chickens and how big they got:

Here is me delivering a chicken on my bicycle (this is how most people here carry a chicken on their bicycle or they hang them upside from the handle bars, but I thought this is a bit more humane) and the rest in a taxi:


I donated 12 chickens to orphan children that attend “Magazine Christian Mission Academy” (The school is run by an Italian guy, Marco, that has basically dedicated his life to run this school, the school provides education to orphan kids without school fees) I took the chickens to the school and then I walked with some kids to each of the 12 houses to deliver the chickens.  The 3 other chickens I donated to some families that I got to know in Chipata.  I couldn’t get a picture of everyone, but here are some pics:


  Precious Mwanza, Grade 5

    Mary Newa, Grade 8

  Samson Thole, Grade 1

  Kenedy Mwale, Grade 4

  Japhet Njobvu, Grade 6

  Elizabeth Banda, Grade 9

  Renald Mwale, Grade 2

  Sarah Banda, Grade 3

  Florance Daka, Grade 5

  James, Grade 4

  Mabvuto Sakala, Grade 5

  Given, Grade 9

Some nice pictures of the Magazine compound while delivering the chickens:

  Ester, 4 years old

Thanks for everyone that has sponsored a chicken, all 15 chickens have been sponsored, we have raised $660!  Please stay tuned for pics of your chicken and the family receiving the chickens.  My fundraising page will stay open even after I surpass my goal, so other donations are always welcome, thanks. 

These chickens grow so fast here are some more recent pics:

12 out of 15 chickens sponsored

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Thanks for everyone that has sponsored a chicken, 12 out of the 15 chickens have been sponsored!  3 more left!

I found a school here in Chipata that is mostly for orphan kids (its managed by an Italian guy that lives in Zambia now for the school), so I will be donating most of the chickens to the kids.

Please sponsor the remaining chickens, by donating $40 or more on my fundraising page